• Chris K Leslie

    Chris K Leslie has hosted 10 episodes.

    Chris lives in Las Vegas with his wife and son and when he’s not at the office He’s in the gym trying to stay as healthy as possible.

    He has been in the car business for 10 years. Starting on the vendor side as a ad man. Moving to the dealership world 5 years ago.

    A minimalistic hoarder who believes he’s an artist with an office job.

    He attacks everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it’s often difficult to tell which was which

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  • Michael W Arnold

    Michael W Arnold has hosted 10 episodes.

    Honorable, irrational, heroic, demanding, unselfish & mischievous

    I currently live in Las Vegas, NV with my son & daughter. Las Vegas has been home for 13 years. My passions include Charity (in ways I’ll divulge deeper later), Learning from as many books, ways, & people as possible, Art if it hits the feels then I’ll enjoy it. Debates (which is a creative way to argue), Traveling..enough said, Tech…., Music almost all.

    My career has spanned over 14 years between, digital advertising, social media strategy, B2B sales, automotive , finance, web development, entrepreneurship, & business management, .to name just a few…(which usually means two, but not today.)

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